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About Me

Samara Roman-Holba, MS, EdM, RD, LD, CD

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist licensed in Oregon and Washington. I work primarily with teens and adults pursuing eating disorder recovery, athletes wanting to improve their performance and relationship with food, and those who want to find peace with food and their bodies.

I previously worked in residential eating disorder treatment and moved to outpatient care then private practice in order to pursue deeper connections with my clients. As a college athlete I saw the benefits of my own recovery on my wellbeing and performance. I became determined to become a dietitian who could provide the same guidance and support that had helped me. I'm passionate about helping others navigate the pressures of diet culture and learn to nourish themselves intuitively. I continue to run competitively and love helping athletes get the most enjoyment and success out of their sport.

Education and Training

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry from Vassar College and completed my Master of Science in Nutrition at Columbia University. I began my career in research, but after spending much of my time in a lab I realized how much I valued working with people directly. After having a foundation in nutrition and deciding to become a dietitian, I wanted to learn how to effectively communicate nutrition information in a way that took individuals’ needs and goals into account. I went on to complete my Master of Education in Nutrition Education at Teachers College, Columbia University and chose Oregon Health & Science University for my dietetic internship. I completed half my required clinical hours working at the VA Medical Center and the other half in a residential eating disorder treatment center.


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Rossi, M., Aktar, S., Davis, M., Hefter Feuss, E., Roman-Holba, S., Wen, K., ... & Caruso, F. (2020). The grapefruit effect: Interaction between cytochrome P450 and Coumarin food components, bergamottin, fraxidin and osthole. X-ray crystal structure and DFT studies. Molecules, 25(14), 3158.

Peker, D., Roman-Holba, S., Kwon, Y., Gordetsky, J., Mehta, A., Forero, A., ... & Varambally, S. (2016). EZH2 upregulation is associated with unfavorable prognosis in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma through potential RUNX3 downregulation. Blood, 128(22), 5301.



Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals

Association for Size Diversity and Health

Oregon Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Columbia River Eating Disorder Network


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